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  • Business Referral

    The Chamber office and the Chamber Board members recommend our members FIRST to all individuals inquiring about the Ellis community.

    Website & Get Ellis

    Your presence is increased GREATLY by listing on our website. Keep up to date on community and chamber events, and post your upcoming events on the Get Ellis! Facebook® page and the “LoCal” community calendar free of charge! •ChamberAdvertising-Chamber members have many different opportunitiesto promote your businessto the community. By placing your information in the Welcome Wagon packets, you put your name into the homes of those moving to Ellis. Members have free advertising on the LED sign downtown-DON’T FORGET TO USE THOSE!! The Chamber uses a combination of radio, television and newspaper advertising for the multitude of events we host throughout the year, increasing attendance to the event and your business.

    Community Events

    The Chamber is involved in a variety of events and activities throughout the year, all of which draw attention to the Chamber and its members. We would be happy to expand our services to our members. Just Ask!

    Chamber Ribbon Cuttings

    Ribbon Cuttings for new businesses and for existing business expansion/additions are available to all members FREE OF CHARGE. All community members are invited to Ribbon Cuttings, and join the business for the cutting and newspaper photo. For those without a Chamber Membership, we require a flat $20 fee to hold a Ribbon Cutting for your group or business. If you are interested in a Ribbon Cutting, just call for details!

    Chamber Member labels

    Chamber members may request a complete list of membership labels for free once a year. If additional labels are desired, the fee is $50.00.

    Ellis Bucks program

    The Chamber manages the Ellis Bucks program, which is a great way to encourage local citizens to “Think Ellis First.” Bucks can be spent like cash at any Chamber member in Ellis.

    Chamber Chatter

    Coffee Hours can be scheduled for the 2nd Wednesdays from 8-10 a.m. This is an excellent way to network with other business professionals in Ellis.

    Chamber After Hours

    Chamber After Hours events are held on request from Member Businesses. The cost for an After Hours event is $75. This includes a location to hold the event, advertising, staff and refreshments.


    Members want some decision-making ability for their yearly investment. All paid members have a voice–We are always happy to hear from you! •Service & Chamber Ambassadors-Members want personal interaction, to feel valued as a member. You will see Chamber board members in your business, be it for personal or Chamber business. We also offer the Chamber Ambassador Program. We strive to support our members as much as possible-Call the office for details.


    Members want to belong to something; our Chamber hosts many events and specials, for the community and members both, in addition to the various “behindthe-scenes” roles we play!


    We don’t accept just any living, breathing volunteer; we have standards our volunteers must meet. We do this so our activities and events can be the best possible, and we can represent the Chamber to the best of our ability by offering quality volunteerism. A study commissioned by the American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE), IBM, Administaff, Small Business Network, Inc., and Market Street Services showed that respondents were 63% more likely to purchase goods or services from a small business if it is a chamber member.