• Phone:(785)726-2660 | office@ellischamberofcommerce.com
  • Thank you for continuing your Chamber membership or for your interest in becoming one!

    The Chamber Board has been working to connect members and provide them, and the entire community, with the most up-to-date resources and information to help navigate and ultimately survive.

    We continue to be here to encourage people to shop and support local businesses and organizations. Fundamentally, we are here to get people to want to spend their money locally in the City of Ellis and with Chamber member businesses.


    • The popular benefits members love to take advantage of are the Get Ellis Facebook page posts and the electronic LED sign.
    • We only allow Chamber members to share their promotions and messages through Ellis’s most followed Facebook page.
    • Chamber members also get one free week each month of advertising on the Chamber’s electronic LED sign located downtown outside of the Railroad Train Museum.
    • Our office also gets questions about local businesses and we give priority to Chamber members when giving referrals.
    • We also provide business support, business listings, ribbons cuttings and chamber coffees to promote your business.
    • Check out our Membership Packet for full information on Chamber membership benefits


    Our Chamber runs 100% on dues, sponsorships, and events. With this revenue we pay for all the necessary expenses to uphold a Chamber and to pay dues to the Ellis Alliance, which provides us with a staff member to serve our members and the Ellis community.